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Bioelements Skin Editor - 1.7 oz - ibeautysource

Bioelements Skin Editor - 1.7 oz

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Bioelements Skin Editor unbelievably exquisite leave-on formulation characteristics dual-depth penetrating 3% glycolic and 7% lactic acid, plus the additional advantage of brightening fermented black tea extract (kombucha) and soothing free-radical fighter Canadian willowherb - all infused within moisturizing all-natural shea butter to make a formulation that appears exceptionally indulgent on the skin. Use it at nighttime to easily correct recent skin mistakes, and climate stress signs.

Bioelements Skin Editor is a powerful exfoliator that works to edit skin imperfections and long-term damage to instantaneously smooth rough and uneven texture, minimize dullness, brighten up dark damage, enhance clarity & color, concentrate on congestion, hydrate, minimizing the perception of lines - virtually all without unpleasant skin-stripping or surface-scraping.

  • 97% improves rough texture
  • 99% softens skin
  • 92% alleviates dullness
  • 95% exfoliates + hydrates
  • 91% exfoliates pore-clogging cells
  • 96% moisturizes skin

Apply to thoroughly clean, dry skin at night. Follow with a Bioelements moisturizer or Sleepwear® if needed. If your skin is acclimated to AHAs, it can be every night; skin new to AHAs should start at 3 times a week.



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